Matt Martin's WEBWITCH

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Successfully funded on Kickstarter!  Now available for order in case you missed it there!

WEBWITCH is the sultry and horrific third title from Boundless Comics, planned to run five issues long, with your help! An all-new title written and drawn by the cover maestro, Matt Martin, WEBWITCH is the story of a passionate secret agent, with skills far beyond her peers. She never suspects those heightened reflexes and amazing agility are due to alien DNA, locked away in her system. All seems to be perfect for Nina as she falls in love with her handler and together they go on exotic missions... until her world crumbles. The Webwitch alien race comes to Earth, bringing carnage and death, and activates her as a sleeper agent. Now with her true nature revealed, and a new ability to change into a monster form, Nina is torn between worlds . WEBWITCH is a thrill ride of everything from monster carnage and alien melting death rays to sexy women, and even sexier aliens. It is clearly for Mature Readers with gore, nudity, language, adult themes, and all the good stuff that we wish more comics had!