Jungle Fantasy: Vixens -- Early Access

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Successfully funded on Kickstarter!  Early Access and Special Sets.

JUNGLE FANTASY is back as the Vixens return to the wild side in the fifth full-color title from Boundless Comics, with your help! The all-new JUNGLE FANTASY: VIXENS #1 & 2 marks an exciting return to the world of Jungle Fantasy for the first time in a decade, and hopefully leads to many more jungle babe projects! The Vixens, Kit and Lani, came to this exotic world when their spacecraft crash landed. Wholly unprepared for living life in the wild, they are learning the hard way how to avoid getting eaten by dinosaurs and where they can safely sunbathe! For fans of sexy art, giant dinosaurs, and vicious beasts, this series is for you! Both issues are, at a minimum, 32 page comics in full- color, intended for Mature Readers over the age of 18, with saucy good-girl art, nudity, language, adult themes, and all the good stuff for grown-ups!