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All the pre-2018 Boundless Digital releases at discounts up to 75% off for a limited time! Thanks for all your support of Boundless Comics. We're making some sexy cool comics for adults, with some of the best artists in the business, and we're able to do that because of the fantastic support of the fans. But the path of creative freedom is never easy. We've recently found out that Comixology has dropped almost all Boundless titles, with no warning, and offering only the excuse that their content guidelines do not allow this material. This is after many years of them selling the very same books, with significant success, and no problems.

So, we find ourselves losing a distribution channel to many of our readers, and a loss of a stream of revenue that, as a small press publisher, hurts. We are turning to our loyal base of supporters and asking for your help. We know a great many people like to have all their digital books in one place, they want them all on Comixology as that is where they have other comics, and for that, we are sorry. But since that option has been brutally ripped away from us all, we can offer you PDF and CBZ versions direct from our store.

We are offering up some amazing discounts on all the books, 50 to 75% off, for a limited time! It's the best way we can thank you for helping us stay creatively free, and allow our amazing artists to make the best adult comics we can. If you'd be so kind as to pick up a series you want to try, or grab that issue you missed, it would be greatly appreciated. No middle man, every bit of the revenue comes to us, and if everyone buys a few things, even at these crazy low prices, it is a huge help.  Thank you once again!