BELLADONNA #1 & #2 - Early Access

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The Viking warrior and her army of shield maidens return with a new BELLADONNA series!

After the complete sell-out of the #0, fans demanded the return of Bella, so we bring her back to the front lines with BELLADONNA #1 and 2!   Series writer Mike Costa continues the tale of the beautiful berserker as her true enemy was finally revealed in the #0.  Now in the all-new #1 story, Belladonna and her army take the fight to Skene by laying siege to her castle lair.  But the sultry sorceress and her monstrous horde have more than a few surprises that will threaten even the mighty Belladonna!  This series also re-imagines a very special coven of werewolves and a young lady known only as Gypsy!  The all-new Bella action is brought to explosive life by Nahuel Lopez and all issues are, at a minimum, 32 page comics in full- color.  BELLADONNA is intended for Mature Readers over the age of 18, with sizzling bad-girl art, nudity, brutal violence,  language, adult situations, and more gore-soaked heaving bosoms than a marauder could dream about!