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WEBWITCH #5 Pure Art


Cover: Matt Martin
Writer & Artist: Matt Martin
MR, Color, 40 pages, 5 of 5

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The epic conclusion is here! Horrifying aliens collide with sexy spies as the battle for the Earth hinges all on Nina! Nina must face down the Queen of the Spider-Nation to halt the invasion. Or join her. Webwitch must decide the fate of her birth race and the terrible creatures that turned her into a monster. Webwitch is a unique sensual thrill ride that will satisfy the mature comics reader and good girl art aficionado in you! We also conclude the full-color presentation of Tim Vigil's Webwitch series! Don't miss the amazing array of sexy covers with this issue including Regular, Wraparound, Honey Trap, Alien Seduction, and Retailer Incentive Pure Art by Matt Martin. Christian Zanier illustrates the Vintage Vixen homage to sexy spies of the past) and the ultra-collectable Costume Change 6 cover set (with sexy topless and nude covers included!) that is limited to just 250 sets.
For the erotic art collectors, there is an Alien Erotica Adult cover by Matt Martin and an Adult cover by maestro Christian Zanier!

Release Date: Mar-20-2016