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Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Strong Medicine #1


Warren Ellis' STRANGE KILLINGS: Strong Medicine #1
Retail Price: $3.50 US
Cover: Mike Wolfer
Story: Warren Ellis
Art: Mike Wolfer
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W, 32 pages, monthly 1 of 3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Warren and Mike are back to unleash a new series full of bad juju. Gravel finally escapes his deniable ops in the USA and is able to return to his home in London. But before he can even settle in, he gets sucked into a horrific child mutilation investigation. Because this child was killed in a very specific way, it was a muti killing designed to bring powerful magic to someone. And if Gravel can't stop him, many more children willl die to create a black magician with very strong medicine.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014