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WAR GODDESS - Complete Nude Covers Set (of 11)


The 11 covers below represent all the nude covers for the War Goddess series - none of which were offered before now! Why so many never available? A very odd situation, but let's tell the tale. Most of the copies of the #1 Nude got destroyed in a horrible shipping accident (delivering driver put a forklift tong through the box). That pretty much bumped it off any of our plans, and while we had other nude covers being drawn, we never managed to get back on track for any of them being offered. A few issues never had the variants (no nudes on 5, 6, 11, and 12) and we had two variants on 8 and 9 as we were experimenting with the "Costume Change" concept. Yet, with all these starts-and-stops, we still never offered them! It ended up a unique situation, due to an early misstep, the entire program got stalled and never restarted. Phew, that was a long way of saying we can proudly present these for the first time - ever!

$125 for the complete set, and this set will be the only way the remaining copies of #1 Nude are offered!

Release Date: Oct-01-2016