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WAR GODDESS #0 - 12 Complete Set (of 80 books)


All the covers for all 13 issues!  War Goddess was just the second Boundless title, and featured new versions of Hellina and Pandora.  Early days, this isn't the same continuity as we now have running, but the twelve issues are a great tale nonetheless!  The nude covers were never offered before now, and as we tell the story in the Nude Covers set we offer, most of the #1 Nude were destroyed.  So they are ONLY available in this, or the Nude Covers, sets! This COMPLETE SET is all 80 covers, ever.  Every special cover done for a retailer, every nude cover, and the ultra-rare #1 Nude!  Over $450 retail, these sets are offered at 40% off retail, only $279!  That is a whopping twenty-four pound box with all eighty covers!  We only have EIGHT of these available so act fast to grab one!

Release Date: Jan-01-2017