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UNHOLY: ARGENT vs ONYX #4 Stunning Adult


Cover: Matt Martin
Artist: Nahuel Lopez
MR, Color, 48 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Onyx and Wendi unleashed in the brutal conclusion! Two stories in each issue topped off with the lead story Beautified! Available with these sexy covers: Regular (& Nude, Adult) + Wraparound (& Nude, Adult) + Abused Adult (& Brutal Adult, X-Ray Adult) all by Christian Zanier - POV (& Nude, Eager Nude, Adult) + Stunning (& Nude, Adult, Wet Adult) by Matt Martin - Deadly Beauties (& Nude, Adult) + Mighty Wendi (& Nude) + Femme Fatale (& Nude) by Nahuel Lopez – Blown Away (& Nude) + Killer Body (& Nude) + Attitude (& Nude) by Renato Camilo - Fifty Shades Onyx Nude and Fifty Shades Argent Nude by Camilo (each lmt to 50 copies).

Release Date: Mar-31-2022