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Cover: Gabriel Andrade

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Art: Gabriel Andrade

MR, Color, 40 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Digital Code exclusive!  Limited to only 350 copies!  This special edition is only available to order with the special code from Bleeding Cool Magazine #8!  Not available in stores!

KIERON GILLEN digs deep into the origins of Uber with this all-new super-size Special!  For the first time ever, he is unveiling the origin and first missions of Sieglinde and the German Battleships illustrated by GABRIEL ANDRADE!  The German war machine has been developing the most powerful weapons ever fashioned.  Their Battleship class Ubers are like living atom bombs annihilating every obstacle in their paths.  But they were once humans, and it takes more than power to make a monster, so what could have forged such cold, murderous beasts?