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Cover: Matt Martin
Art: Ryp, Adrian, Rio, Mychaels, Maus, and others
Readership: MR

Format: B&W, 40 pagesPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Threshold celebrates 10 years of publication with this chance to see all your favorite warrior women once again in this giant-size pinup book! Everyone's favorite classic Avatar bad-girls are back in this all-new star-studded book! Pandora, Hellina, Widow, Nira X and the Cyberangels, Demonslayer, Ravening, Onyx, Twilight, and many more are all in never before seen in sexy pinups by all your favorite artists! Featuring new art from Juan Jose Ryp, Al Rio, Ron Adrian, Marat Mychaels, Mike Wolfer, Bill Maus, Rick Lyon and many others! This issue is available with Regular cover by Matt Martin, Demonslayer and Demonslayer Adult by Marat Mychaels, Ravening Painted by James Brown, Nira X and Cyberangels Nude by Bill Maus, Hellina Adult by Patrick Fillion, and a Rio Onyx Nude by Al Rio.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014