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THRESHOLD #53 Pandora


THRESHOLD #53 Pandora
Retail Price: $4.99 US
Cover: Clint Hilinski
By: Jeremy Rock, Rafa Lopez
Readership: MR
Format: B&W, 48 pages, bi-annual

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The latest issue of Threshold starts off with part four of the Lookers story by Doug Miers and Jeremy Rock. The zombie invasion has gotten out of control and their only hope of stopping it is by having Pandora take out Mizery and the dreaded sword Dispair. Pandora wraps up her most recent adventure in this second part of RuneBeast by writer Robert Lugibihl and artist Moyses Damasceno. Starting in this issue is a new story featuring Argent and Bryce, the killers that were last seen in Avengelyne: Seraphicide! This new story by Robert Lugibihl has them plotting to kill all the super-powered people, one at a time with art by stunning new talent Rafa Lopez. Threshold continues to provide the finest in sexy babes in action! This issue is available in four covers, Pandora (art by Clint Hilinski), Pandora Nude (by Marat Mychaels), Lookers Wraparound (by Jeremy Rock), and Lookers Nude (by Matt Martin).

Release Date: Jan-01-2014