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TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Special #1 Blood Red Con Foil


TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Special #1 Blood Red Convention Foil
Cover: Jacen Burrows
Story: Brian Pulido
Art: Jacen Burrows
Readership: MR
Format: Full color, 32 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Now is your chance to get this Convention exclusive Blood Red Foil edition that was the hit of the horror convention circuit! Fuller, Texas. Summer 1972. Three escaped convicts, along with a few girls along for the ride, are joy riding across rural Texas robbing banks, heading for Mexico. When they stop to rob the Hewitt family General store, they enter a horrifying world of madness and depravity that even a maximum security prison couldn't prepare them for as Leatherface, Sheriff Hoyt, Old Monty and the entire Hewitt clan hunt them down. Limited to 1500 copies, all ship with a certificate of authenticity.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014