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STITCHED: TERROR - Unleashed Level $139 (Sketch 1P)


Each Set comes with a unique original 7 x 10 gore sketch painting by Jonatas! These pre-sell sets allow you to pick the sketch of your choice, the Kickstarter buyers will be randomly assigned sketches!

The undead horror of the Stitched returns, and now unleashed in America in double-sized issues from writer Pat Shand and artist Daniel (Uber) Gete! Sheriff Kat Noble keeps the peace on a quiet border town. But as young girls start to go missing, she’s pulled into a supernatural slaughterhouse and stumbles into the makings of the ultimate terror plot – Stitched loose in the streets of the USA! We could use your help to get back into regular horror series, launching here with a tight three issue series, but each one oversized!

This set comes with digital copies of all issues, and a digital omnibus of all the prior issues of Stitched! Now we get into the real gems – the HORRIFIED editions! Each HORRIFIED issue has an eight page added section that will not be seen in regular versions , nor will this content be available in any digital editions. These special bonus pages feature unedited, ultra-intense versions of covers , dripping with gore, nudity, and the tasty bits we had to edit for the covers. These are the the pure, visceral visions of the artists, never-before-seen! These are made even cooler by their extreme rarity – only 1000 copies in total on each issue have these extra pages! This set has all nine of the Horrified editions we will offer to lower levels. This top reward level also has three awesome Century editions showing the luscious gray tones of Nahuel Lopez and these are the last Horrified editions, so you would have all twelve of the editions on all three Horrified issues!

The finishing touch - Each Set comes with a unique original 7 x 10 gore sketch painting by Jonatas! These are not sketch covers, these are single page paintings, but comic-sized for ease of collecting.

Release Date: Apr-10-2019