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STARGATE SG-1: POW #3 Drake O'Neill Painted


Sold Out

STARGATE SG-1: POW #3 Drake O'Neill Painted
Retail Price: $5.99 US
Cover: Ryan Drake

Story: James Anthony
Art: Renato Guedes
Readership: All Ages
Format: Full color, 32 pages, monthly 3 of 3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Don't miss this exciting new cover from hot new painter Ryan Drake on the final action-packed issue of POW! Colonel Jack O'Neill is a Goa'uld prisoner of war. And his memories of the SGC, Earth, and it's defenses are going to be pulled from his head unless SG-1 can rescue him. But with a huge army of Goa'uld defending the mother ship, Hammond has to risk a very dangerous full assault by the forces of the SGC in order to free O'Neill. This special cover is available here for the first time and is limited to just 1500 copies

Release Date: Jan-01-2014