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ROBOCOP: Killing Machine Special #1 Back in Action


ROBOCOP: Killing Machine Special #1 Back in Action
Retail Price: $5.99 US
Cover: Juan Jose Ryp
Story: Steven Grant
Art: Anderson Ricardo
Readership: MR
Format: Full color, 16 pages, one shot

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This new cover by baroque genius Juan Jose Ryp is available here for the first time. A bored rich kid gets his kicks hacking into what's left of the Detroit grid, triggering random power failures and screwing up transit, causing various tensions that Murphy and Lewis have to cope with to maintain public order. Thwarted by Robocop, the hacker tries to hack into Robocop's systems, but finds something else instead in the depths of OCP's computer system, still online in the wake of the company's collapse. It's the next step up from Robocop: a prototype robo-soldier, literally a killing machine, that never received a human brain. Limited to 1500 copies

Release Date: Jan-01-2014