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PROVIDENCE COMPENDIUM KS $249 - Books of the Dead


This is an item that fills a Kickstarter or special fundraising order. The contents may be available in the store, but this specific item is not.

This set features the Hardcover SIGNED by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows! This is the last Alan Moore signed product we will have (the signature sheets are already in house) so do not miss it! This killer collection also includes the Neonomicon 10th Anniversary Hardcover Signed by Burrows. To top it off, there is an original Daniel Gete 8 x 10 sketch with an special edition cover! Each sketch is unique and different, but the example shown is of the same quality as the others! This includes all the other Nightmare of Providence #1 covers included in lower level sets as well as the digital copies. Thank you for your tremendous support!

Included are:
Providence Compendium Hardcover Dual-Signed
(note: the dual-signed notice is not on the printed book)
Nightmares of Providence #1 Sketched w/ original sketch by Daniel Gete 
Neonomicon 10th Anniversary Signed Hardcover
Nightmares of Providence #1 Nctosa Wraparound
Nightmares of Providence #1 Curious
Nightmares of Providence #1 Wheatleys
Nightmares of Providence #1 Siren
Nightmares of Providence #1 Deep Green Leather
Nightmares of Providence #1 Wisdom
Digital copy - Providence Compendium
Digital copy - Nightmares of Providence #1

Release Date: Aug-28-2021