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Cover: Mike Wolfer
Writer: John Russo
Art: Dheeraj Verma
Readership: MR
Format: Full Color, 40 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Special super-sized full-color first issue! John Russo (co-writer of Night of the Living Dead) continues to horrify with his latest zombie epic with his Escape of the Living Dead artist Dheeraj Verma! Creeping through cemeteries, morgues and into the city streets, it reanimates the recently deceased, creating a horrifying army of the living dead, murdering and ravenously devouring the living. Nothing can stop it and no one is immune, as the uncontrollable plague begins to spread... The PLAGUE OF THE LIVING DEAD! Jessica Price and the other residents of Stone Mountain, Virginia have anxiously watched the nightly news broadcasts, awaiting some word that the war in Vietnam will soon end and that the men that they love will return home safely. But now, other more disturbing reports begin to fill the airwaves, detailing the bizarre phenomenon of cannibalistic ghouls rising from their graves, hungry for human flesh. And this unprecedented horror is now lurking outside the doors of Stone Mountain, waiting to rip into the unsuspecting residents and feast upon their blood-drenched remains. While the CDC tries in vain to contain the plague spreading throughout the eastern United States, Jessica's fianc? and his US Army platoon will face the same terror, rearing its head in the jungles of Vietnam... As well as the Standard cover by Mike Wolfer, this issue is available with Terror, Body Count, and Rotting covers by Wolfer and Wraparound and Gore by artist Jacen Burrows!

Release Date: Jan-01-2014