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NIGHTJAR #1 Wraparound Test Print Platinum


NIGHTJAR #1 Wraparound Test Print Platinum
Retail Price: $15.99 US
Cover: Max Fiumara
Story: Antony Johnston
Art: Max Fiumara
Readership: all ages
Format: B&W, 32 pages, monthly 1 of 4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: What makes this comic book so special is that the foil is on the wraparound cover, not the standard cover. Test prints are done by the printer to make sure that all the alignment is OK on the foil press and that the foil is adhering properly on the front cover of the comic book before they print the normal print run. These are usually created on overprinted copies of the same cover that will be foiled later on, and then discarded by the printer. There are no other foil editions of the wraparound cover. The net result is this is the rarest Nightjar comic book ever! Eighteen years ago, Mirrigan watched her father's heart explode in their back yard. That was fair, because Mirrigans father was Emperor Of All The Birds - the most powerful sorcerer in Britain - and that was how they arrange their successions. But on her deathbed, Mirrigan's grandmother reveals a secret - her father wasn't killed by one sorcerer, but SEVEN - and charges Mirrigan with an oath to make them pay for their treachery. If you're the latest in a line of powerful British sorcerers, avenging your father's death should be a walk in the park. Except when his murderers are even more powerful than you. Now the seven Birds have a new target... Mirrigan. Limited to 117 copies, all packaged in a bag and board with a cerificate of authenticity.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014