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Sold Out

Cover:  Jacen Burrows

Writer: John Russo, Mike Wolfer, David Hine

Art:  Mike Wolfer, Dheeraj Verma, German Erramouspe

MR, Color, 5 Volumes

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  **Note** this has been significantly delayed due to production problems.

Zombie fans demanded it, the most unprecedented and horrifying night in American history continues as The Night of the Living Dead world expands with these shocking trade paperbacks! With stories set on that fateful evening in 1968 and expanding to the next generation in the 1970s, these tales expand the original frightening legend to new heights of undead horror.  Shocking reports from rural areas continue to flood the airwaves with accounts of the recently deceased rising up to kill the living. Now government officials begin counter-measures to calm an increasingly panic-stricken public. Questioning whether or not the unbelievable stories are truth or simply an elaborate hoax perpetrated by militants opposed to the Vietnam War, the attention of the nation's Capitol is focused on a threat more believable, as thousands of protesters converge on Capitol Hill to voice their opposition to the War. This five volume collection includes the original Night of the Living Dead Volumes 1, 2, and 3 graphic novels along with the innovative 1970s follow up series Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath Volumes 1 and 2 presented in a one-of-a-kind value priced collector’s slipcase. 

Release Date: Oct-25-2016