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Cover: Paul Duffield
Writer: Mike Wolfer and John Russo
Art: Tomas Aira
Readership: MR
Format: Full Color, 32 pages, 2 of 5
UPC: 82002300758502011

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Fans have demanded it, the most unprecedented and horrifying night in American history continues as the next chapter of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is revealed at last! As thousands of anti-war protesters converge on Washington D.C. in the Spring of 1968, the violence and turbulence of the time is about to explode into an unprecedented orgy of murder never before seen on American soil. Although the media conveniently explained the tales of the dead rising to kill the living as the work of militants and anti-Vietnam War radicals, something insidious is indeed lurking in the shadows of the Nation's capitol, and their grip on the country is about to make itself known. But with their troop numbers spread impossibly thin from both war-time service and riot control, the National Guard know that one misstep in dealing with the protesters could set off a fatal firestorm of violence during this most emotional time... And they will be woefully unprepared to defend the city from the flesh-hungry army of the undead about to descend upon them all. Written by the smash duo of Mike Wolfer and John Russo, the original film co-writer, this blood-drenched five-issue series features new artist Tomas Aira. Don't miss all the terrifying covers, Paul (Freakangels) Duffield provides the Regular edition, Raulo (Cpt Swing) Caceres melts eyeballs with the Wraparound cover, and twisted Matt Martin splatters the Gore covers all over the page. Also, retailers can get a ultra-rare Classic B&W cover as an order incentive.

Release Date: 1/1/2014