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LOOKERS: EMBER #1 Complete Bundle (24 books)


Cover: Christian Zanier
Writer: Pat Shand
Artist: Christian Zanier, Gabriel Andrade
MR, Color, 48 pages, ongoing monthly

We are offering all 24 covers for #1 in a bundle at a big discount!  This includes all the Nude and Adult covers. None of these items are part of the Kickstarter offerings. But we are only going to offer a few sets at this price and only for a very limited time! Included are:

Lookers: Ember #1
Lookers: Ember #1 Red Hot
Lookers: Ember #1 Workout
Lookers: Ember #1 GGA Homage 
Lookers: Ember #1 Sexy Spies 
Lookers: Ember #1 Luscious
Lookers: Ember #1 Wraparound
Lookers: Ember #1 Webcam
Lookers: Ember #1 Webcam Bikini 
Lookers: Ember #1 Webcam Topless 
Lookers: Ember #1 Webcam Nude 
Lookers: Ember #1 Webcam Adult 
Lookers: Ember #1 Webcam Adult Extreme 
Lookers: Ember #1 Nude 
Lookers: Ember #1 Red Hot nude 
Lookers: Ember #1 Workout Nude 
Lookers: Ember #1 GGA Homage Nude 
Lookers: Ember #1 Sexy Spies Nude 
Lookers: Ember #1 Luscious Nude 
Lookers: Ember #1 Wraparound Nude
Lookers: Ember #1 Adult 
Lookers: Ember #1 Red Hot Adult
Lookers: Ember #1 Threesome Adult
Lookers: Ember #1 Threesome Adult Extreme
The girls are back, and this time they brought Ember to turn up the heat! Our two most fan-requested titles return, now in one super-smoking series! As the Lookers, Tanya and Michelle, decide to turn their troll-busting hobby into a business, they land one heck of a client - the supermodel-turned-superhero Ember! From webcam girls to super spies, this will be a crazy ride from writer Pat Shand and artist Gabriel Andrade! But this ongoing series gets better - each issue has an Ember solo story as well, written and drawn by Christian Zanier! Available with these sexy covers: Regular, Red Hot, Webcam, Webcam Bikini, and Wraparound by Christian Zanier, Workout and GGA Homage by Renato Camilo, Sexy Spies by Raulo Caceres, and Luscious by Matt Martin.
For the erotic cover art collectors we offer: Nude, Adult, Red Hot Nude, Webcam Topless, Webcam Nude, Webcam Adult, Webcam Adult Extreme , Wraparound Nude, Threesome Adult, Threesome Adult Extreme by Christian Zanier, Workout Nude and GGA Homage Nude by Renato Camilo, Sexy Spies Nude by Raulo Caceres, and Luscious Nude, Luscious Adult by Matt Martin.

Release Date: Aug-30-2017