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LADY DEATH: Death Goddess


LADY DEATH: Death Goddess
Retail Price: $2.50 US
Cover: Matt Martin
Story: Brian Pulido
Art: Matt Martin, Richard Ortiz
Readership: All ages
Format: B&W, 16 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Lady Death is unleashed this summer with this killer book showcasing the upcoming series artists! This special book offers a sneak-peek at several of the upcoming Lady Death series including special artwork that won't be seen elsewhere! First, Lady Death: Kiss of Leviathia will feature the breathtaking art of Matt Martin, who's amazing art has been seen in Coven and Snowman! Spirited away from her allies, Lady Death is lost in an exotic, ancient realm controlled by a beautiful, seemingly benevolent Goddess named Leviathia. Everything Lady Death ever wanted is at her beck and call. But what wicked secrets is Leviathia, a being of immense power, hiding -- and can Lady Death survive them? Second, Lady Death: Comes the Wicked is the big breakout book for sultry talent Richard Ortiz and his Mucha-Esq art nouveau style! Lady Death wakes in a small village. As night falls, the villagers warn her of The Wicked, a supernatural beast stalking the cursed town. Where is Lady Death exactly? Why is she here? Before she can answer, she's transported to another bizarre setting, then another. Will it ever end? The answers will reveal an all, new diabolical, Goth-inspired villain -- Pariah. Will she figure out the puzzle before it is too late? All of this and more in the ultimate Lady Death preview! As well as this regular cover, it's also available with an Art Nouveau cover by Richard Ortiz, a Rafa Lopez cover, and a special Premium edition, with a cardstock cover, by Matt Martin.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014