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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Wrap up your entire Lady Death Blacklands collection at once with all the covers on all five issues! Included are: eleven covers for #1/2 - Regular, Wraparound, Adrian, Ortiz, Witches, Premium, Creepy, Surprised, Sunset, Breezy, Ghoulish. The #1/2 Leather and Platinum, Gold, and Prism foils. Nine covers for #1 - Regular, Wraparound, Ryp, Martin, Combat, Premium, Commemorative, Decapitated, Blood Queen, Powerful Force. Also the #1 Leather and Platinum and Gold Foils. Eight covers on #2 - Regular, Wraparound, Ferreira, Rearte, Ryp, Premium, Art Nouveau, and Slayer as well as the Platinum and Gold foils. Five covers on #3 - Regular, Wraparound, Alves, Last Stand, Ryp, and Premium plus the Platinum and Gold Foil. Five covers on #4 - Regular, Wraparound, Sequiera, HDR, Ryp, and Premium plus the Platinum Foil. Limited to just 100 tantalizing sets!

Release Date: Dec-01-2015