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Cover: Juan Jose Ryp

Writer: Dan Wickline

Art: Marcelo Mueller

MR, Color, 48 pages, monthly

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    Apocalypse wraps up in this stunning oversized final issue!  All stands revealed as we see that Satyricon has been pulling Queen Tormina’s strings in an effort to destroy the Blacklands. Now only Lady Death stands in his way. Will her new found powers from The Void be enough to stop the mad demon’s apocalyptic quest? This is the final fate of the Underrealm and Lady Death. Also featuring a special pinup and behind-the-scenes gallery of art from Lady Death through the ages!  Available with Regular, Auxiliary,  Alternate History, and Pure Art  Covers by Juan Jose Ryp, Wraparound by Gabriel Rearte, Sultry by Marcelo Mueller, and a Classical Order Incentive Cover by Marco Turini.

Release Date: Jul-15-2015