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LADY DEATH: Abandon All Hope #4


Brian Pulido's LADY DEATH: Abandon All Hope #4
Retail Price: $3.99 US
Cover: Ron Adrian
Story: Brian Pulido
Art: Ron Adrian
Readership: All ages
Format: Full color, 32 pages, monthly, 4 of 4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Brian Pulido's bitch is back as the original Lady Death concludes this story arc with this all- out, epic battle issue! Surviving the magical energies of the Fanghorn river, Lady Death has a new-found awareness of the Blacklands and learns that Satasha's home-city of Abberfaw is next on Sagos' conquest list. If Abberfaw falls, the Blacklands will fall. Can Lady Death, Wargoth and Satasha survive Hemlock and other assorted evils Sagos has in store for them? Much more, how can they overcome the seemingly limitless power of Sagos himself? Lady Death never looked so good with stellar art by super-star Ron Adrian. As well as this regular cover by Adrian, it's also available with a wraparound cover by Ron Adrian, a Juan Jose Ryp cover, and a special Premium edition, with a cardstock cover, by Paulo Siqueira.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014