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Cover: Gabriel Andrade
Writer: Brian Pulido and Mike Wolfer
Art: Gabriel Andrade
Readership: MR
Format: Full Color, 32 pages, on-going monthlyUPC: 820023007622 11011 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Lady Death's quest for the only weapon mighty enough to channel her powers continues, but finding the fabled sword within an underground labyrinth of vicious beasts and flesh-eating vermin won't be her only challenge. After defeating the two members of The Fallen who protected the ebon blade of The Silent One, Lady Death must now face the fury of the winged Valkyrie Valora before she can claim her prize. And even is she survives that encounter, slithering at the bottom of the pit of darkness lurks an old foe, a villainess who would like nothing more than to literally crawl inside of Lady Death's veins and destroy her from within her own body! Available with a Regular and Wraparound cover by artist Gabriel Andrade as well as a retailer order incentive Art Deco cover by painter Michael Dipascale!

Release Date: Jan-01-2014