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$8.00 $9.99

Cover: Matt Martin
Artists: Jonatas, Renato Camilo, Ron Adrian
MR, Color, 80 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: An 80 page giant book of luscious Jungle Fantasy Pinups! Featuring the never-before-revealed paintings of Jonatas, amazing unseen pencil art of Renato Camilo and Ron Adrian, and an array of the Boundless all-star artists! Super-star artists deliver these sexy covers: Regular + Wraparound by Christian Zanier (also Nude & Adult on each). Stunning (& Nude) + Fifty Shades Nude by Renato Camilo. Ivory Painted (& Nude) by Joao Silvera. Fauna Painted (& Nude) by Jonatas. Natural Beauty (& Nude) by Ron Adrian. Sultry (& Nude) + Space Fauna Surprise Nude by Matt Martin. Tundra (& Nude) by Paulo Siquiera and Lush Painted Nude by Claudio Aboy.

Release Date: Nov-30-2019