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Jungle Fantasy (2002) #4 Volcanic Edition


JUNGLE FANTASY #4 Volcanic Edition
Cover: Anibal Maraschi
Story: Doug Miers
Art: Di Amorium, Anibal Maraschi
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W, 32 pages, quarterly

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Explosive exclusive cover by Anibal Maraschi! Doug Miers writes and Di Amorium draws the final chapter of Ivory's first adventure about a prehistoric mother who is forced into action to protect her newborn babe. But when she gets swept up on a strange island, she must worry about saving her own skin first as she gets in the middle of a tribal war! Fauna swings back into action in a short story by new artist Anibal Maraschi! A swim to catch dinner goes really wrong when the dinner catches her instead! This special cover is limited to 750 copies.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014