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HELLINA #1 Early Access Ultra Bundle (22 books)


Sold Out

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Only available for the early supporters and only 20 sets are available!  Do not miss your chance to get all twenty-two of the covers on #1 listed here with a huge discount off cover price!  (please note, this does not include #2 and #3 sets, only #1).
This includes all of the following #1 covers:
Regular Cover by Gabriel Andrade
Wraparound Cover by Renato Camilo
Sacrilege Cover by Raulo Caceres
Enforcer Cover by Ron Adrian
Stunning Cover by Matt Martin
Black Leather Cover
Century POV (limited to 100) by Christian Zanier
Costume Change Set (limited to 250) by Christian Zanier
Wraparound Nude Cover by Camilo
Sacrilege Nude Cover by Caceres
Enforcer Nude Cover by Adrian
Stunning Nude Cover by Martin
Adult Set (of 2 covers) by Christian Zanier
Painted Century Set (of 3) by Michael DiPascale

Release Date: Apr-20-2016