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Cover:  Jonathan Hickman

Writers: Jonathan Hickman and Mike Costa

Art: Di Amorim

MR, Color, 160 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Like a thunderbolt from heaven, the epic first volume of JONATHAN HICKMAN’s God is Dead is here!  Mankind has argued over the existence of gods since the dawn of time.  In modern eras it’s been fashionable to mock religious believers with taunts of scientific testimony and fact.  But when the gods of old begin to reappear on earth and claim the domain of man for their own, the world is thrown into a state of utter anarchy.  Now Horus walks the streets of Egypt, Zeus has taken over the Sistine Chapel, and Odin is coordinating the dissection of the earth among the returned deities.  Mankind held sway over the world for thousands of years and their hubris over that time has made them powerful but when faced with the divine, can mortal weapons put an end to the second coming of the gods? As the world tumbles toward apocalypse, a group of scientists seek to do the impossible…give birth to the gods of science.  God is Dead Vol 1 collects God is Dead issues #1-6.  


Release Date: May-20-2014