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Cover:  Jacen Burrows

Writer: Mike Costa

Art:  Juan Frigeri

MR, Color, 32 pages, twice monthly

UPC:  820023007844 07011

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  JONATHAN HICKMAN's vision for the end of the world through divine retribution continues as an ongoing series from his co-writer MIKE COSTA!  After the cataclysmic battle of gods in the first arc, human religions are in tatters.  A victor has laid claim to Earth and very few dare to oppose such a ruler.  But oh so many gods have yet to make their play, this time they plan and plot and prepare to bring Armageddeon!    And now - the things we prayed to have come once more.  MIKE COSTA turns the intensity and darkness up a notch with his dramatic new stories about humanity at the brink.    Available with not only a Regular cover but also a End of Days cover, Iconic, and Gilded Order Incentive copies by Jacen Burrows and a special Carnage Wraparound by German Nobile.

Release Date: Feb-20-2014