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Cover:  Di Amorim

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art:  Di Amorim

MR, Color, 32 pages, 5 of 6

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The world is only hours away from Armageddon as the pantheons of Asgard and Olympus collide.  With the first attempt at creating a god weapon resulting in the birth of Mammon, the enclave of scientists strikes a desperate stake as they hope they can create a being able to stand against the deities waging war across the globe.  But tampering with the very stuff of gods is a dangerous game and the end result is nothing short of staggering -  Join JONATHAN HICKMAN for the end of the world as God Is Dead rolls toward an unbelievable climax!  Available with a Regular cover by Jonathan Hickman, End of Days cover, a premium Iconic card stock cover that is limited to just 5000 copies by Jacen Burrows, and a Pantheon Order Incentive cover by series artist Di Amorim.


Release Date: Jan-01-2014