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GOD IS DEAD #45 Iconic


Cover: Juan Frigeri
Writer: Mike Costa
Art: Juan Frigeri
MR, Color, 32 pages, monthly

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Mike Costa has turned God is Dead into the most original mythology mash up being published! After destroying Earth and civilization time and time again, the petty gods were finally take out of the picture and separated.Once they seeped back into the world the inevitable chaos ensued… but as these beings were being recreated by the machinations of Satan they overlooked one possibility.That the ultimate deceiver would find a way to bring back God himself. Available with Regular Cover by Jacen Burrows, Enchanting Cover by Jose Luis, Iconic Cover by Juan Frigeri, Carnage Wraparound & End of Days Covers by German Nobile, and a special Gilded Incentive Cover also by Luis.

Release Date: Dec-20-2015