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Cover: Jonathan Hickman
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Art: Di Amorim
MR, Color, 32 pages, 4 of 6
UPC: 820023007844 04011
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The End of Days has come! As the Asgardians destroy pantheon after pantheon in their quest for total domination, the human race's last hope is a desperate gamble to create their own god weapon. But when the divine turns out to be the Anti-Christ - it leaves very few options other than obliteration for all of human-kind. JONATHAN HICKMAN delivers a story like no other where the hubris of man is the only thing standing between freedom and eternal subjugation. The Book of Revelations is open before us and the end of the world can't be far behind. Available with a Regular cover by Jonathan Hickman, End of Days cover, a premium Iconic card stock cover that is limited to just 5000 copies by Jacen Burrows, and a Pantheon Order Incentive cover by series artist Di Amorim.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014