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GOD IS DEAD #33 Enchanting


Cover:  Raulo Caceres

Writer: Mike Costa

Art: Juan Frigeri

MR, Color, 32 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Deception is the currency of the day as the gods plot and plan behind each other’s backs with their petty strategies for ruling the devastated Earth.  But among the struggling human survivors on the ruined planet, one hunter finally finds the most important girl in the world.  Will history repeat itself with the rise of Gaia or is it too late for even Mother Earth to recover from the strain of hundreds of years of misery? Available with a Regular, End of Days, and Gilded Retailer Incentive Covers by Jacen Burrows, Iconic and Enchanting Covers by Raulo Caceres, and a Carnage Wraparound Cover by German Nobile.

Release Date: Apr-25-2015