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Writer: David Lapham

Cover& Art: Gabriel Andrade

MR, Color, 144 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Dale Chesnutt has lost all control.  The feral wolf blood within him leads him toward the murder of the man that killed his love and unborn child.  And that bloodlust has driven him rabid with purpose.  But when the community of Ferals feels trapped by the encroaching military confinement of their population, the proud bloodline responds in kind.  While the insane Doctor Cherry's experiments turn from understanding the condition to becoming a slave to it.  The end has come it's the brink of war.  DAVID LAPHAM has redefined the werewolf mythology into one of the most mesmerizing stories in comics today.  This volume takes the Feral and human races to the brink and kicks them both over snarling and screaming for mercy.  Ferals Vol 3 TP collects issues #13 18 of the Ferals series.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014