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Cover: Mike Wolfer
Writer / Artist: Mike Wolfer
Readership: MR
Format: Full Color, 40 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Deadhead returns in this special super-sized full-color Annual chock-full of zombie horror! The sleepy Pennsylvania town of Jamesville is about to face the most horrific night in its history. A natural disaster of unprecedented proportions strikes as fetid flood waters from a collapsed reservoir inundates the town, trapping the local residents in a nightmarish fight for their lives. But in those raging waters that threaten to erase the town's very existence, something far more terrifying surfaces from the muck and devastation... Something undead... And hungry for human flesh! Deadhead returns to exact bloody retribution upon the living in "Deluge Of The Dead," a special over-sized tale of terror that will shed new light upon the gathering zombie forces and also features the final fate of two central characters in the ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD saga! As the flood waters rise, so do the living dead in an incredible tale of survival that will leave you gasping for air! As well as the Standard cover by Mike Wolfer, this issue is available with Body Count, and Rotting covers by Wolfer and Wraparound, Terror and Gore by artist Jacen Burrows!

Release Date: Jan-01-2014