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Ennis and McCrea's Bigger Dicks #3A


Ennis and McCrea's BIGGER DICKS #3A
Retail Price: $4.95 US
Cover: John McCrea
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: John McCrea
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W, 48 pages, monthly, 3 of 4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: How much trouble can Dougie and Ivor possible get into? Well, when the madman team of Garth Ennis and John McCrea are telling the tales, you better lock up the young 'ens, because these boys are seriously ill! No man, woman or mutant can possible live a fulfilling life without the third instalment of this monthly debauchery. This super-engorged series features the original Dicks issues, with completely remastered lettering and artwork, and tons of all-new material. How can any man ask for more than the Dicks explaining their own stunts, Trio the whore introducing aliens to love, the Wanker looks at the History of Wanking, and tons more gags that might taint your pure virginal mind! We must be sick just to publish this truly immoral material, and odds are high that while you laugh your butt off to the full-on, over-the-top humor you will be offended. But just to be sure you are, it is also available with a special hilarious Guaranteed to Offend cover! So don't delay, strap on the new Bigger Dicks!

Release Date: Jan-01-2014