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EMBER #0 Beautified - Ultra Bundle (12 books)


Covers: Christian Zanier 

Ember is making her triumphant return, joining up with the Lookers, this summer! But we have so many more Boundless fans now than when we released the first issue of Ember several years ago, we wanted to do something special to give everyone a chance to be caught up with the story. Christian Zanier, the creative mastermind behind Ember, is re-mastering all the pages from #0 for a Beautified edition, and even adding a couple red hot NEW pages!
"Beautified" is our name for variant INTERIOR ARTWORK, with less clothes and more erotic! So the story just got more nude. Every page is different than the standard edition, not just variant covers! Beautified are a new product we are trying out, but they are very expensive to create, so we could use your orders. These editions have not been offered anywhere else, exclusively here! Christian Zanier has created an amazing four-part connecting cover set for this issue reflecting all the key parts of Ember's story - Fashion, Fame, Ignition and Inferno! There are clothed and nude covers for each as well as ultra-limited Century Adult covers, that are not just limited to 100 copies, but also all-new images! A total of 12 covers, three versions for each of the four key scenes. All covers are very limited, the Clothed and Nude covers (four of each) are limited to 500 copies each and the Century Adult cover (four) just 100 copies each!
To top it off, we are offering a limited number of bundles for a big discount!

Release Date: Aug-30-2017