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Demonslayer: Vengeance #1 Royal Blue


DEMONSLAYER: Vengeance #1 Royal Blue
MSRP: $75.00 US
Cover: Marat Mychaels
Writer/ Artist: Marat Mychaels
Readership: All Ages
Format: FC, 32 pages, monthly 1 of 2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Royal Blue's are the ultimate collectable, limited to a scarce 100 copies! All copies ship specially packaged to prevent damage with a certificate of authenticity. This first mini-series unleashes the sexiest artwork from Marat Mychaels yet and a sultry new costume! Jaclyn faces a world of trouble as Asmodeous and his demon army have set out to destroy her once-and-for-all armed with a two powerful new allies. Can her skills as the Demonslayer help her against Xan, who was once slated to be a Demonslayer himself?

Release Date: Jan-01-2014