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CROSSED VOL 08 Hardcover


Cover:  Jacen Burrows

Writer: Simon Spurrier, David Hine

Artist:  Rafa Ortiz, German Erramouspe, Gabriel Andrade

MR, Color, 192 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Two of the hottest names in horror deliver three tales of terror in this volume of vile repulsions!  SIMON SPURRIER spins the mad tale of the insane survivalist from Crossed: Wish You Were Here Jackson!  And from the Badlands vault comes Spurrier's Crossed tale of hippies meet grindhouse terror like you've never experienced in "American Quitters."  Finally, an epic from the first hours of the Crossed outbreak in Japan as DAVID HINE releases the "Gore Angels."  What happens when an abused manga artist in a traditional Japanese home must not only face grinning Crossed devils but also the men that sexually attacked her?  The result is a tale of misery and vengeance made reality!  Crossed Vol 8 TP collects issues #37-43 of the Crossed: Badlands series and the Crossed 2013 Annual. Also available in Hardcover.

Release Date: Mar-25-2014