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CROSSED VOL 07 Hardcover


Cover:  Christian Zanier

Writer: Christos Gage, David Lapham

Artist:  Christian Zanier, Miguel Ruiz

MR, Color, 192 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: From the boundary-pushing world of Crossed come two master storytellers who take you into the depraved depths of uncensored grueling survival horror.  CHIRSTOS GAGE tells the tale of ultimate betrayal as one of the survivors betrays his own kind to live among the monsters in 'Quisling' with the luscious art of Christian Zanier.   DAVID LAPHAM reveals the final chapter in the trilogy of stories digging into the deepening insanity overtaking the mind of Crossed: Psychopath survivor Amanda.  This volume of Crossed collects issues #29 - 36 of the Crossed: Badlands series.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014