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CROSSED: BADLANDS #67 Wraparound


Cover:  Michael DiPascale

Writer: David Lapham

Art:  Francisco Manna

MR, Color, 32 pages


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  David Lapham delivers a violent and bloody tale of revenge that can’t be quelled.  When a man’s world and family are systematically destroyed in front of him, something snaps inside.  And once that dam holding back the insanity is gone, he is capable of anything.  Now his sole purpose is make the man that wrecked his world suffer.  And the Crossed are just another obstacle to overcome on the way to revenge.  Available with Regular and Red Crossed covers by Jacen Burrows, Wraparound and Fatal Fantasy covers by Michael DiPascale, and a Torture cover by German Erramouspe.

Release Date: Dec-15-2014