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Cover:  Christian Zanier

Writer: Justin Jordan

Art:  Georges Duarte

MR, Color, 32 pages


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  JUSTIN JORDAN is unleashed at Avatar with this arc of Crossed: Badlands!  In a world full of homicidal maniacs , a select few have survived by being quiet and small.  They’re the hiders, the meek that watch but never make a sound.  But what kind of life is it when you watch everyone around you violated, mutilated, and eventually killed?  It is enough to drive even the sanest person over the edge into madness.  Available with Regular and Red Crossed covers by Christian Zanier,Torture cover by Tim Vigil, Wraparound cover by Gabriel Andrade, and Fatale Fantasy cover by Fernando Heinz.  

Release Date: Jul-15-2014