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Writer: David Hine
Cover & Art: German Erramouspe
MR, Color, 32 pages
UPC: 820023007691 40011
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Horror master DAVID HINE returns to Crossed: Badlands to tell a story set on day one of the outbreak - in Japan! Three college students abroad in Japan are visiting a sacred temple for very different reasons. But they soon find that on C-Day, enlightenment only comes in the form of homicidal misery from the fast spreading disease. And an introverted female manga artist discovers that the nightmares she draws on paper are nothing compared to the vile misery of the Crossed. There is no hope. There is no help. There is only the Crossed. Available with a Regular, Torture, Wraparound, and special Red Crossed Incentive covers by Erramouspe.

Release Date: Jan-01-2014