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CROSSED: BADLANDS #37 - Digital Copy


This item is a digital download which will be available immediately upon purchase. Downloads are made available in both pdf and cbz formats. See the FAQ for details.

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Cover & Art: Rafael Ortiz
32 pages
UPC: 820023007691 37011
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: NEW STORY ARC! Fan favorite Crossed writer SIMON SPURRIER delivers another fantastic character drama to the Crossed universe with American Quitters. What do a hardcore biker and a hippie have in common? In the bleak landscape of the Crossed they have become traveling buddies giving us the strangest bloody violent road trip ever. Errol and Frank are the odd couple of the apocalypse and they have only one goal on this crazy road trip - to kill as many Crossed as they can before they die. Available with a Regular Torture Wraparound and special Red Crossed Incentive covers by Rafael Ortiz.

Release Date: 1/1/2014