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CROSSED +100 #10 Wishful Fiction


Cover:  Jacen Burrows

Writer:  Simon Spurrier

Art: Rafa Ortiz

MR, Color, 32 pages, monthly

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Crossed: Wish You Were Here scribe Simon Spurrier takes Alan Moore’s incredible reimagining of Crossed in the future into a breathtaking ongoing monthly series!  Future Taylor beings to discover what Beau Salt's actual seeds of destruction are, and finds out that Crossed settlements aren't what they seem to be .  Several special themed covers continue to enrich the series:

American History X Wraparound - Each of these will depict a specific time in the past hundred years, showing how things have changed and offering a peek at some key events.  Each cover will display the year in which it takes place to help build the full picture.

Crossed Wires - The Crossed just don't see or make things the same way a person would, these images celebrate that day-to-day madness .

Disastered - These will show how America has changed since the original Crossed outbreak.

Horrific Homage - What if the Crossed were there from the very beginning of comics?  This edition will be an Homage to a great Golden Age cover.

Wishful Fiction - The evolution of science-fiction would have been very different with the Crossed as we show you here!

Available with Regular & American History X Wraparound Covers by Gabriel Andrade, Crossed Wires & Disastered Covers by Christian Zanier, Horrific Homage Cover by Michael DiPascale, Wishful Fiction and a Red Crossed Retailer Incentive Cover by Andrade.

Release Date: Sep-30-2015