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Coven: Dark Sister #2 Ron Adrian


Retail Price: $5.95 US
Cover: Ron Adrian
Writer/Artist: Matt Martin
Readership: All ages
Format: FC, 32 pages, 2 of 2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Superstar Ron Adrian provides this powerful new cover! With one stunningly powerful blast of black magic gone horribly awry, Eden has brought the past back to life, smack in the middle of New York City! As the Coven tried to regroup in order to rescue Fantom, chaos in the streets causes more than a few delays. Like dinosaurs trying to eat Spellcaster! Is Sasha ready for the challenge of facing off against a master of the mystic arts who has a Spellbook just as powerful as hers? This special edition is limited to just 1000 copies

Release Date: Jan-01-2014