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Warren Ellis' BLACKGAS 2 #3 - Digital Copy


This item is a digital download which will be available immediately upon purchase. Downloads are made available in both pdf and cbz formats. See the FAQ for details.

Cover: Jacen Burrows
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Ryan Waterhouse
Readership: MR
Format: Full Color, 32 pages, 3 of 3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The disastrous, carnage-filled last issue is finally ready to be unleashed on the world! Everything has gone wrong for Soo Park and her team of survivors while trying to find their way out of a city of cannibal zombies. But even if they do -- what happens when the zombies themselves break the city limits? Should she just run -- or should she find a way to contain the outbreak? Can a million people who inhaled the Blackgas be saved? This is a zombie holocaust. As well as the Standard cover by Jacen Burrows, this issue is available with Wraparound, Terror and Gore covers by artist Max Fiumara!

Release Date: 1/1/2014